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About Me

"A Color Is As Strong As The Impression It Creates"

Ivan Albright

Welcome to my website. My name is Carissa Fondaw and I am a Paramedical Micropigmentation Specialist. My mission is to reach out and help others feel comfortable in their own skin.

I chose to study microblading not only to have the ability to give my clients the perfect brow, but to give cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy a semi-permanent brow that would last them through their treatments. I also wanted to give a natural looking brow to those clients with Alopecia and to help cover any areas of scarring.

I soon learned that I could specialize in Paramedical Micropigmentation, which is the implantation of pigments within the skin by medical tattooing. This amazing procedure is used to design, color match, and medically tattoo 3-D areolas and nipples for women after their battle with breast cancer. This is considered as the final touch to breast reconstruction. The procedure can also be used for imperfection blending. Imperfection blending is used for camouflaging of minor to major scarring or to color match areas of skin affected by vitiligo.

Whether you are looking for an amazing brow, or looking to blend any imperfections, or you are finishing your battle with breast cancer I invite you to join me for a consultation or an appointment. I have created a client focused atmosphere that is warm, comforting, and full of compassion. 



Microblading/ Hairstroke



Advanced technique of cosmetic tattoo. Also known as brow feathering or hair stroking. This process includes depositing hypoallergenic, medical grade pigments perfectly matched to your hair color. This procedure is semi-permanent and will last 1 to 3 years. Price includes consult, initial procedure, and final touch up appointment in the following 6-8 weeks.


Areola & Nipple Restoration


3-D areola & nipple restoration is the completion of your breast reconstruction post mastectomy. Each client receives a custom 3-D areola and nipple design including color matching. Price includes consult, initial procedure, and final touch up appointment if necessary in the following 6-8 weeks.


Scar Correction & Scar Camouflage

Price varies per scope of work



Imperfection blending or scar correction is meant to minimize the scar so that it is more consistent with your surrounding skin tone and texture, because often times scars are unavoidable and can end up healing unpredictably. For these cases we have service that may help you recover and restore your natural look



Microblading Training & Certification



This 2-day training and certification is a hands-on course in a small group setting. The course will include everything you need to start your career. We will teach the fundamentals of microblading such as technique, correct depth, and hairstroke patterns. This course will also cover health and sanitation, brow shaping, placement, and color theory. This course also includes a workshop on how to start, setup, and market your new business. You will be provided startup supplies for your class. You will need to provide a model who will receive a free microblade service as the instructor and you work 1 on 1 as your put what you learned into action.

To find class dates and times email or use our "contact me" option at the bottom of the website. Class sizes are limited to 3 students so we can provide intimate training.


Their story in photos

A collection of lives, well being, and survival


Contact Me

1025 Dove Run Road Suite 109

Lexington, KY 40502


Located on the first floor of the

Frances Whitman Building


Tel: 859.550.6224

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